The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has been challenged to state which part of the constitution or clause it was quoting when barring candidates at this year’s elective general meeting from campaigning saying it had not yet opened campaigns.

Former executive committee member Blackwell Siwale was of the view that any soccer administrator was free to start campaigning provided they had intentions of standing because the constitution did not bar them from doing so.

And Mufulira based administrator Damiano Mutale wondered why the Association was stopping its members from campaigning when its own vice president had been on a kit distribution exercise.

On Thursday FAZ vice president Rix Mweemba was quoted as having cautioned councilors from engaging in dark corner meetings as a way of campaigns as his Association had not yet opened campaigning period.

Mweemba said anyone found campaigning would face the wrath of the Association’s ethics committee.

But Siwale noted that FAZ had from time immemorial never announced any stipulated campaign period as there was no such thing in the constitution of the Association and not even in the amended 2017 document.

‘’Which clause from the constitution is Mr Rix Mweemba using to say campaigns have not yet started.  Isn’t he the one that has been on a kit distribution exercise. Isn’t that campaigning,’’ Siwale said.

As far as we concerned everyone is free to campaign because themselves when they were campaigning for office in 2016 no one stopped them from doing so but why should they wake up today and stop others from doing so.

And Mutale said that the Association needed to level the playing field so that any one could be free to engage with councilors in explaining their agenda far ahead of the elective general meeting.

He said the FAZ executive was sowing a very bad precedent of banning dissenting councilors using the ethics committee and wondered how many people it would ban by the time it left office.

FAZ goes to its elective general meeting this year in March which will be preceded by an emergency Council meeting to be held next month.

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