FAZ has warned its members against associating with banned officials as it is in contravention of the Constitution.

Acting FAZ communication manager Sydney Mungala said the association had noted with concern that some of its members had been freely mingling and entertaining officials serving bans.

Mungala said that according to FAZ Constitution members were prohibited from entertaining or associating with banned officials.

Article 13 (h) of the FAZ Constitution states, “The Members of FAZ have the following obligations: Not to maintain any relations of a sporting nature with entities that are not recognized or with Members that have been suspended or expelled.”

He said that members were encouraged to abide by FAZ statutes that provided all the guidelines in terms of members’ obligations.

Mungala noted that clubs that dealt with banned officials in contravention of the constitution may face sanctions as provided for in the FAZ Constitution in Article 14.

He said that banned officials were not allowed to participate in any football activity which included attending football matches or convening meetings with members.

Photos of banned former executive committee member Blackwell Siwale who was spotted on Sunday with some soccer administrators at Arthur Davies Stadium were shown after Power Dynamos win against Mufulira Wanderers. 

Siwale is currently facing a ban from the ethics committee having been censured in April 2018 for circulating illegally obtained materials.

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