FAZ has warned that the campaign period for March elective annual general meeting has not yet been announced and anyone caught doing so will be dealt with by the ethics committee.

The association vice president Rix Mweemba warned councillors in the habit of campaigning in the dark and meeting councillors ahead of the election, to desist from doing so as FAZ had not yet opened the campaign period.

Mweemba said FAZ was aware of people going round Zambia campaigning and that should they be caught, they would be dealt with by its ethics committee.

He said that it was against the FAZ constitution for any candidates to start campaigning before the campaign period was announced according to its constitution.

Mweemba said that FAZ would follow its constitution in announcing the date for the official opening of the campaigns but could however not say when exactly it would so do.

He said that his association would not want to be seen to be using its ethics committee against prospective candidates hence the need for people to desist from going round, campaigning before the stipulated time was announced.

He further said that once the campaigns were opened, anyone would be free to go in the open and campaign.

“Of course we shall announce, we want to follow the constitution because this is a constitutional matter, so everybody who wants to stand must read the document and people must be free to come forward once the announcement is made

“Yes some people are having meetings in dark and campaigning but I must tell them that they shall be dealt with by the ethics committee. We however don’t want to  sound like we are trying to use the ethics committee on some candidates,” Mweemba said. FAZ will next month hold its emergency council meeting before holding an elective general meeting in March.

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