THE 2012 Africa Cup of Nations winning team manager Lusekelo Kamwambi says there is need for Zambians to focus on the pitch than focusing on individuals if the country was get back to winning.
Speaking to the Sun Sport in recounting eight years since Zambia won the continental title. Kamwambi said that there was need to reset the focus on the players and not administrators.
He noted that today’s administrators at the Football Association of Zambia have put so much focus on themselves as individuals rather than the pitch and the players.
He said that there was need for administrators to be concerned with the current trends in which foreigners had been dominating the top scorers chart.
He further said that Zambia still possessed abundant talent but that the people in football had not done much in harnessing the talent.
“If I look at the past, from as far back as the Evaristo Kasunga executive, we used to have difficulties with finances but we still managed to get positive results. But now administrators are looking at themselves, other than looking at the pitch and who’s looking playing in the pitch,” Kamwambi said.
“If you look at the league today, who’s the top scorer, you understand. What are we doing to develop the boys we are supposed to develop? Talent is there in Zambia but its how you manage it .But somehow, somewhere the eyes have been taken off the ball,” he said.
And Kamwambi noted that the Africa Cup in 2012 was won after the first game against Senegal and the momentum grew higher after the second game against Libya which ended two all.
He said the AfCON victory was a result of patriotism and technical support from the government, football administration and the fans.
Kamwambi was National Soccer Team manager from 2010 until 2016 under the Kalusha Bwalya administration.

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