THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has divorced a couple that has been married for 10 years because of unending marital disputes which included the wife pulling her husband’s private parts.

This was after Ishmael Phiri, 34 of Lusaka’s Kabwata Township took Felistus Daka, 29, of the same area seeking divorce.

Phiri told senior local court magistrate Peggy Nyambe that from the time they got married in 2010, they never stayed in real peace.

“I went to school for two years and when I came back there was never any peace in the house. My wife has too much jealousy which is the main cause of our arguments. Our family tried counseling us but nothing changed,

“My wife has a tendency of grabbing my private part when we fight and one time she tried to commit suicide after we had an argument. She sued me for reconciliation and the court reconciled us,” he said.

He said even after being reconciled in court, there was tension in the house because they both had frustrations that they did not discuss.

In defence Daka told the court that they never had a happy marriage from the beginning.

“He had a lot of girlfriends who he used to bring home. That’s why we never used to get along. He would take me to the village and find the freedom to continue taking women to our home,” she said.

She said over the issue of women, their families sat them down to counsel them more than five times and during the late meeting, her husband said he wanted a divorce.

“At the time we were in the village. He came back to Lusaka and I stayed in the village for seven months. He impregnated another woman and these days I don’t even say anything about his behavior because I have said enough,” she said.

She said because of her husband’s many extra marital affairs, he even stopped supporting his family.

The court found that there were many problems in the marriage and families have failed to reconcile them.

Divorce was granted and Phiri was ordered to compensate Daka with K4, 000.

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