GOVERNMENT is revisiting the construction of the Lusaka – Ndola dual carriageway with a view of cutting on the cost, says Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Vincent Mwale.

Mr. Mwale said government was reexamining the scope of works to see if the existing road could be maintained and only construct two additional lanes.

He said Government was also considering the possibility of doing away with other features such as hotels.

He said the issue of revisiting the contract was not aimed at disregarding construction of the dual carriage way but to see how best to cut the cost by removing other features that were initially included in the contract.

Mr Mwale said the initial scope of works was to rip off the existing road and put up four new lanes but now government was discussing if only two lanes could be constructed and maintain the existing two lanes so that together they make  the desired dual carriage way.

 And Mr Mwale has reiterated that he would work hard to see to it that the cost of construction in Zambia was reduced.

Meanwhile Mr. Mwale said his Ministry was seriously tackling the national housing deficit.

He said the National Housing Authority (NHA) was currently undergoing restructuring so that it helped government in constructing houses.

Mr. Mwale said he was aware of some administrative issues affecting the NHA but that his ministry was addressing the issues and would fairly deal with the matter.

The Minister further said the review of the national housing policy whose theme was sustainable, affordable and descent housing for all by 2030 had been completed and that he will be tabling it before cabinet very soon.

Mr Mwale also said that there were some areas that needed to be dealt with regarding the 20 percent subcontracting policy.

That would be so because the policy which had been intended to build capacity and increase liquidity among Zambians was not achieving its goal.

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