GREAT North Road Academy, a group of schools has launched its curriculum dubbed, ‘Talents and Skills Development Programme (TSDP) to run alongside government’s accepted one.

Director of the school Rozious Siatwambo said the newly launched curriculum will run as a tool to answer to the current needs bearing in mind, the shrinking job market world over.

Speaking at the launch occasion recently Dr. Siatwambo said the job market was ever shrinking and various forms of vices were increasing.

He said at the same time unemployment has kept growing not only for Zambia, but world over, where technology has taken centre stage.

Dr. Siatwambo said the future was for those willing to learn, adding that those that do not want to adapt to change, will not be part of the future.

He noted that the world was evolving, hence, the need to consistently move and initiate means that were going to keep people going.

“This will also help teenagers and many others to stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse as the programme launched will be more practical and will offer more satisfaction, the satisfaction that comes with fulfillment of one doing what they were born to do,

“Great North Road Academy will now train learners in dancing, poetry, music, ballet, art, among others. We shall be identifying talents, and thereafter, develop them. This is a revolution to the education system, in Zambia,

“The paper coming with education is paying handsomely, for those that have embraced and tapped into what God gave them. It is for this reason that we have launched this programme. Learners need to be equipped so that as they leave secondary schools, they will have realized what their talents are,” Dr. Siatwambo said

Speaking at the same function, National Arts Council (NAC) chairperson, Patrick Samwimbila said, the Great North Road Academy, had done a great job by launching its new programme,

“I can attest that, talent is paying and keeping people well. These are efforts we love and NAC will do everything possible to support such efforts. You’re a step ahead. And I am happy to learn that, the programme we are launching today is going to be taught in practical terms, by people who are practicing footballers, musicians, poets, writers, among others,

“Learning gets boring if all learners are subjected to is theory. This practical aspect will birth so many talents,” said Samwimbila

And Zambia Education Coalition (ZANEC) Board Committee Member Ms. Christine Menda said the programme was among the things being advocated for, adding that the advocacy was effective hence it was a milestone.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this great initiative. The programme shall supplement the Ministry of Education curriculum, and shall run side by side with it. With this curriculum, a child will graduate from secondary school, knowing what their talent is and how to use it to earn a living as they wait to get enrolled into college or university and beyond,

“Even without employment, they still will make money because God created everyone with special gifts, and these gifts are supposed to feed us in the absence of employment,” Ms Menda said.

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