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 A maid of Lusaka’s Jack Compound has refused to reconcile with her husband of six years whom she said was sexually abusive to her.

Beatrice Jere, 44, accused her husband Victor Inambao, 49, of inserting his fingers in her vagina every time they fought.

This was a case in which Inambao sued Jere for reconciliation whom he alleged ran away from the matrimonial home.

“From the time we got married, we’ve never stayed well. She told me she was pregnant and that’s how I started staying with her. I later learnt that I was dealing with a dishonest person because the pregnancy was not growing even after nine months,” Inambao said.

He said he usually had problems with his wife over the five children that she had from her first husband.

He said her children often came home with friends, wasted food by cooking anyhow and that his wife would get upset and stop talking to him if he complained.

“I fail to control her children. One time her child stole a phone worth K1, 000, I shouted at the child and that brought problems with my wife. She got upset and even went to sleep at her parent’s house,” he said.

In defense, Jere told the court that she did not want to reconcile with her husband because her husband was violent and threatened her life.

“We’ve never have peace since we got married because he beats me a lot. I even have sores at the moment. He tells me ‘nizakupaya nikasebenzele jele’. When fighting, he inserts his fingers in my vagina. He follows me even at work to threaten me and it has made my boss unhappy,” she said.

She told the court that her husband did not entertain her children and always chased them whenever they visited.

She said he also chased her from home late at night forcing their landlord to provide her with a place to sleep.

She said she was scared of her husband and just wanted a divorce.

The court ruled there was no peace in the marriage and that the reconciliation had failed. Either parties were advised to sue for divorce.

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