Angry residents burnt a suspected ritual killer

AN ANGRY instant justice mob of Lusaka’s Garden House, Big Ben Lakchants area, have beaten and burned to death a suspected ritual killer.
The residents complained that they had not been sleeping in the area because of the suspected ritual killers who had been gassing their homes.
One of the residents, Taries Kasitu, explained that they started hearing noise around 03:00 hours on Wednesday night and that suspected ritual killers were trying to gas some homes but the community was very alert.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr Kasitu said around 04:00 hours some of the suspected ritual killers ran to a nearby church and one of them was caught and refused to disclose who he was working for.
Mr Kasitu said the residents in the area had not been sleeping because many residents were victims of gassing.
“The people in the area resorted to killing him because the police are not there every time we call them. It takes time for them to come to our rescue.
As you know we do not have a police post.
“What the community did was not right because they took the law in their own hands. It’s sad that the suspect refused to tell the residents anything. Maybe if he did they would not have killed him,” he said. Mr Kasitu said the area really needed a police post to help conduct patrols at night because it was not safe anymore.
Another resident, Natasha Katongo of Garden House, said she and her family started hearing noise around 21:00 hours on Tuesday night and they thought it was a football match and people were celebrating.
Ms Katongo said they heard dogs barking, but little did they know that some residents were chasing suspected ritual killers who were gassing residents in the community and sucking their blood.
“Around 01:00 hours we started receiving phone calls to be alert and many people were in the ground where the suspect was beaten and burnt,” she said.
“The suspected ritual killers wanted to attack a few houses but people were alert and screamed. That made the suspects run away and later one of them was caught and kept at Garden Park Market, and later he was brought in the ground where they beat and burnt him,” Ms Katongo said.
Ms Katongo said the victim was burnt around 06:00 hours because he was refusing to name the people he was working with.

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