A DRIVER of Lusaka’s Jack Township has refused to reconcile with his wife on grounds that they have been having persistent wrangles in their marriage.

This is a case in which Christopher Mwale, 41, was sued by his wife Mwape Muyobo, 38, of Mtendere Township for reconciliation.

Mwape told Chelstone Local Court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala they had been married for 16 years with four children but dowry was not paid.

“We have been having misunderstandings in our marriage and my husband left home last year, since then I have been living alone with the children,

“He left me at his family house and now they want me to move out, where will I take my children? He also doesn’t support the children,” she said.

She said it was not the first time he was leaving home without giving support.

In defence Mwale said he moved out of the house because his wife could not take care of him when he was sick.

“We never had peace in our matrimonial home, we used to fight a lot and she used to insult me too.

 I am no longer interested in her and I don’t want reconciliation but will only get the children,” he said.

Magistrate Namangala: Where will your wife go if chased out of the house?

Mwale: I don’t know, I will only get the children.

Magistrate Namangala: Do you want to reconcile with your wife?

Mwale: No, I don’t want her I just want us to part ways?

Magistrate Namangala: The claim has been dismissed because dowry was not paid. You are advised to sue for children maintenance at the subordinate court,” she told Muyobo.

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