A LUSAKA male juvenile has admitted stealing sugar cane worth K K10,670 from Kafue Sugar Company.

Particulars of the offence before magistrate Nsunge Chanda are that the boy stole the sugar cane on October 8 2019.

Magistrate: Did you steal the sugar cane?

Juvenile: Yes.

Magistrate: Why did you steal?

Juvenile: I was hungry.

Magistrate: How many did you steal?

Juvenile: I just got one.

Magistrate: Are you still full after stealing?

Juvenile: No.

Magistrate: Who is supposed to feed you? Is it Kafue Sugar or your father?

Juvenile: My father.

Magistrate: Do you want me to lock you up together with your father because of your actions?

Juvenile: No.

Magistrate Chanda said the boy must eat whatever the father provides and not go about stealing from people.

Magistrate: Why are you failing to feed your child?

Father: My business isn’t doing fine and maybe that’s the reason my son went to steal.

Magistrate: Are you saying that it was okay for him to steal?

Father: No.

Magistrate Chanda said all those who steal have a reason and it does not justify their actions.

She told the boy to concentrate on school and help build his future unlike creating problems that will add to his miseries

The matter comes up on January 29 for sentencing.

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