THE biting hunger situation in Chiawa is forcing some youths to engage in drug and alcohol abuse with girls taking to prostitution to conceal their anger, says Chisakila ward Councilor Mr Comply Siamungala

Mr Siamungala said he was worried and devastated that most youths had lost direction in the midst of the hunger situation by engaging themselves in drug and alcohol abuse while some female youths had now become prostitutes.

He appealed to government through Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to move in quickly by distributing more relief food to Chiawa community of Kafue district.

Mr Siamungala also earnestly appealed to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to come to the aid of the people in the area.

“People are living in poverty and can only afford one meal a day while most of them have completely lost hope in farming hence hunger is imminent in Chiawa,” said Mr Siamungala.

He has called on government to quickly intervene before a calamity of death was recorded.

Meanwhile, senior headman Chilindi of Chipepo Chiefdom has appealed to Chirundu council to provide clean and safe drinking water to the area.

Headman Chilindi said for a very long time people of his village had not had the privilege to consume clean water.

He bemoaned the fact that people and animals share the same unsafe sources of water.

“The water is very salty , children teeth are discolored and metal water buckets get damaged and pregnant goats miscarry once they consume the water, it’s too concentrated and the area has no boreholes, we are really suffering,” cried headman Chilindi.

He called on the concerned authorities to treat the matter as an emergency and distribute chlorine to the area.

And Chirundu activist Mr Mwangala Kawana regretted that the district lacked development in almost all sectors despite other stakeholders trying to maintain a good image.

He called on responsible stakeholders to take note of complaint reports of development in the district and begin to act.

He said the situation in Chilindi village was devastating because hunger had struck the area causing many children to abscond from school because they could not concentrate without energy.

“There is no clean and safe water for both human and animal consumption hence calling on government assistance,” he said

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