WHILE it is true that Pastors and ministry leaders are not above character cave-in and wandering from God, the number of those falling from grace is alarmingly growing by the day and sending wrong signals to their flock.

Their drifting from the Lord reveals in a diversity of self-destructive and debarring behaviors which probably only the Devil himself may comprehend.

Who does not know that when a pastor falls, the implications on churches and families are across-the-board.

Admittedly, we are all sinners, and we all frantically need continual supplies of God’s grace, which he has given us in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

However many people have admitted that some pastors who enter the ministry have never defeated sexual sin in their personal lives. So they routinely commit sexual sin and become slaves to the devil and to the flesh.

It would also appear that some have no devotional life and are profoundly at odds with God.

Such pastors are susceptible to attacks from the enemy, and when temptation comes over and over, they cannot stand because their link is cut, they have no spiritual power.

Worse still it is more than clear that some pastors get into the ministry for the wrong reasons, so their inspirations are either false or they are mixed.

It is also all easy to speculate that some people become pastors because they think they’ll get peace, or money, or respect, or time, or power.

Again, we think that many pastors fail because they and their families are victims of a lack of bond solidarity, which faintly turns them away from God.

And for a Christian nation like Zambia to continue recording high numbers of pastors involved in sex scandals, is not only disheartening, but calls for serious action  from the Church mother bodies because this cannot be allowed to go on.

A day hardly passes without hearing of a pastor being caught committing adultery or being involved in other paranormal activities which are constantly bringing shame on the church.

News headlines have recently been subjugated with clergymen involved in all sorts of dishonors which have caused most believers to doubt the trustworthiness of many pastors including the so-called ‘true’ men of God.

It is clear that the bad eggs in the church are corroding public poise in congregations and unless something is done, the meaning of a pastor will become inadequate and fail to be an example to the flock.

This state of affairs is inconsistent with the dictates of a pastor or any other church leader who is expected to lead, ease and give hope to the flock.

Only yesterday the Sun newspaper had a screaming headline from the courts ‘Pastor Faces Rape Charge’. That was not only depraved, that certainly ponged a lot.

The paper reported that a Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) district pastor has appeared in the Choma Fast Track and User Friendly Court for Gender Based Violence for allegedly raping a

Sloga Shiluwe 37 of Mbila Mission SDA Church in Itezhi-Tezhi stands charged with rape contrary to section 132 of Chapter 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that Shiluwe on unknown dates but between September 1, 2018 and February 28 this year in Choma, the pastor had unlawful carnal knowledge of a female in Choma without her consent.

The accused was only apprehended sometime in September and formally arrested on September 30.

When the matter came up for plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri, Shiluwe denied charged.

The court granted Shiluwe K50, 000 bail in his own recognizance with two working sureties who should be civil servants in the like sum and in their own recognizance.

Earlier the State objected Shiluwe’s bail application because of his nature of the job which made him move from place to place.

The matter comes up on October 23 for mention and November 4 for trial.

Shiluwe was remanded in custody until his bail requirements were met.

It must be stated that Shiluwe accusation is not new because there have been reports of the so-called men of God getting involved in illicit activities such as robbery, murder, child defilement and rape to mention just a few but the trend is escalating at an alarming rate.

It is unfortunate for church leaders to associate themselves with criminal actions when they are supposed to provide refuge for their members by teaching salvation.

Our earnest appeal is to the church mother bodies to work closely with the registrar of societies to formulate some guidelines that will scrutinize people who want to form churches and almost immediately weed out bad eggs.

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