A UNIVERSITY student of Lusaka’s Kamanga Overspill could not believe his ears when the mother of the girl he made pregnant demanded K40, 000 in compensation.

Sydney Hamuuwanga, 25, was sued in the Chelstone Local Court by Mary Zulu, 52, 0f Kapiliyomba for compensation for impregnating her daughter.

Zulu told senior magistrate Charity Milambo that Hamuuwanga impregnated her daughter while she was still at school.

“But since then his family has failed to come for a meeting. I want him to give me K40, 000 for impregnating her and made her drop out of school,’’ she said.

In defence Hamuuwanga said he could not manage to pay K40, 000 because as he was only a student who had a lot of responsibilities because he was also renting a house in Lusaka.

“I proposed to her in 2017 while at the university, we then had sex and she became pregnant of which we talked and I agreed,

“At one point we quarreled and she told me that it wasn’t my pregnancy and later apologised that she was just hurt and I forgave her.

I am surprised why they are here because we agreed that we shall have a meeting in April,” said Hamuuwanga

The matter comes up on January 17 for judgment.

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