ON Sep 28, 2015 former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York deviated slightly from his prepared speech and shouted “We are not gays,”

Mr Mugabe, now late (MHSRIEP) will probably be remembered on the African continent for his powerful slur against homosexuality and described those who enjoyed this inexplicable form of sex as being below dogs and pigs.

“We equally reject attempts to prescribe “new rights” that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions, and beliefs. We are not gays! Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification, and double-standards will not.” Mr Mugabe said.

Even at the time God went into his laboratory to create human beings He was wise enough to make man and woman with different sex organs and orientation. There was clear message for that.

Today gay rights appear to have improved in much of the civilized world (West), but they are certainly getting worse in some of countries in sub-Saharan Africa including Zambia.

In Zambia there is already a hot pot of tea brewing currently and making headlines over homosexuality after a Kapiri gay couple was jailed for 15 years in line with existing laws of the land.

This apparently did not go well with American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote who said he was personally horrified to read about the sentencing of two men, who had a consensual relationship, which hurt absolutely no one, to 15 years imprisonment.”

Mr Foote who obviously had stirred a hornet’s nest went on to say  that court decisions like that oppressive sentencing do untold damage to Zambia’s international reputation by demonstrating that human rights in Zambia” are “not a universal guarantee.

That too did not go well with Lusaka and Zambian President Edgar Lungu hit back and said local laws and culture prohibit homosexuality and made it absolutely clear that he would not repeal the law.

“If you want to be tying your aid to homosexuality… If that is how you will bring your aid then I am afraid the West can leave us alone in our poverty,” President Lungu said.

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz says imprisoning gays and lesbians for their sexuality is a “disgrace” that should disqualify offending countries from EU aid.

Mr Schulz says time is now to cut aid to African countries with anti-gay laws and Zambia is probably the latest casualty to this phenomenon. But should Zambia accede to this pressure in its efforts to fight poverty?

Church leaders in Zambia have strongly condemned those advocating for same sex marriages and other unions that go against nature and natural law.

Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo says those advocating for homosexuality should be prayed for because that is sickness of the mind.

“It is unchristian and against our values as Zambians. And as believers, we have to pray for them because, that is sickness,” Bishop Mambo said.

Various churches leaders’   in separate interviews told the Sun that homosexuality was not only illegal, but also goes against Zambia’s culture and values as a Christian nation.

In an interview, Reverend Panji Chipeta of Kingdom Business Ministries said homosexuality was an affront and rebellion not only against God and the family unit, but also defies nature and human biology.

Rev. Chipeta who described homosexuality as an abomination said the act was simply disgusting and anti-Christ.

“It is an abomination. In fact, there is no amount of laws that can convert an exit of a man into an entry.

The clergyman urged government to demonstrate unwavering boldness and commitment to stand against any pressure to legalise homosexuality.

Pastor Daniel Shimunza of Zoe Ministries who also described it as an abomination said, “We condemn it in the strongest terms. It is against our values and Christianity”.

He said whether proponents of homosexuality were aware or not, such acts attracts the wrath of God, and was not attainable in Zambia.

For now it may be hard to predict who will come out the winner between Africa and West in this ‘war’ of homosexuality which Africa appears to abhor right to the marrow. It is a matter of time.

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