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I DO not remember anything regarding the death of my friend because on that day, I blacked out twice after taking a mixture of Vodka and Castle lite, a juvenile accused of stabbing to death his 20-year-old friend at JCS bar has told the Lusaka High Court.

The grade 11 pupil of Kalingalinga in Lusaka claimed that on the material day, 

This is in a case where the juvenile offender who is a grade 11 pupil of Kalingalinga is charged with murder of Sebastian Lungu, 20.

The back seat of the car that was used to take Sebastian Lungu to UTH

The incident happened at Lusaka’s JCS bar in Long Acres on April 6 this year. The accused was initially jointly charged with a 16-year-old juvenile who was however, released through a nolle prosequi.

When the matter came up yesterday for ruling on case or no case to answer, Lusaka High Court Judge Anessi Banda-Bobo found the juvenile offender with a case to answer and put him on his defence.

In his defence, the accused juvenile offender said on the material day, he went to JCS bar in the company of his two friends.

 The pupil said while at the bar, the group was joined by four more friends.

He said he and his friends bought two six packs of castle lite, a bottle of 18-18 Vodka and a bottle of Nikolai.

“I began to take a bottle of castle lite and my friends were mixing their castle with Vodka. They told me it’s okay to mix, so I mixed it,” the juvenile offender narrated.

He said at this point his other friends Mr Lungu and Mr Michael Halubala joined the crew.

“After that, we started with Sebastian Lungu because we were once dance partners at Street culture Zambia,” juvenile offender said.

He said he continued to take alcohol and later blacked out and was later waken up to a fight between his friend (the 16-year-old juvenile released through nolle) and Mr Lungu.

The juvenile offender said at this point, he was not strong enough to do anything and he again blacked out. He said after some minutes, his friends came to wake him up and helped him walk the exit so that he can go home.

“I don’t remember what happened. I just found myself at the police station,” the juvenile offender said.

In cross examination, Senior State Advocate Bob Mwewa sked the juvenile offender if he started a fight with Mr Lungu, the accused said yes.

The two suspects

Further asked if after the fight, the victim later died, the juvenile offender replied in the affirmative.

The court set November 20, this year as day for judgement.

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