A BUSINESSMAN of Chitamba Village in Kasama district is nursing severe burns after his love-sick wife poured hot porridge on him for allegedly having extramarital affairs with other women.

Speaking from his hospital bed at Kasama General Hospital, Maybin Chileshe, 39 said that the incident happened last Monday around 15:00 hours.

Mr. Chileshe said that his wife accused him of being unfaithful to her and on the material day decided to pour hot porridge on him meant for cooking Nshima.

He said that he suffered severe burns on the face, chest and the back.

And Northern Province Commissioner of Police, Richard Mweene told the Sun in a phone interview that despite having not received a report from the victim police would not tolerate such acts.

Mr. Mweene said that victims should always report such cases to the police regardless of relationships so that the law could visit the perpetrators.

“I am so disappointed that despite heightened sensitization, people still do not have the courage to report such cases. We need to change our mindsets and the way of doing things if we are to create a crime-free Zambia,” said Mr Mweene.

Meanwhile, the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) has condemned the recent acts of gender based violence (GBV) perpetuated by women against their husbands.

YWCA executive director Patricia Ndhlovu said that the violent acts perpetuated by women on their husbands were compromising the fight against GBV.

Ms. Ndhlovu said as per Zambian tradition and culture, women were supposed to respect their husbands and that it was important for married couples to resolve their differences amicably instead of resorting to violent acts.

“It is unfortunate that cases of GBV against men were also on the rise. We wonder the kind of culture that our Zambian women are trying to embrace,” she said.

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