A MAN who sued his mother in law for a refund of dowry payment of K700 after he remarried her daughter who refused to go back with him had his claim dismissed by the local court.

Josias Sililo, 37 of Livingstone sued his mother in law Elina Ngwira, 76, of Lusaka’s Kanyama Township for refund of dowry.

The two appeared before Magistrate Miyanda Banda.

Magistrate Banda: When did you marry her daughter?

Sililo: In 2012, then we divorced in 2015

Magistrate Banda; How much did you pay?

Sililo: I was charged K2, 000 and I paid a K700 then when we decided to remarry her mother said I should pay the balance of the first marriage as dowry for re-marrying her daughter.

Magistrate Banda: Did you get your wife?

Sililo: No, her mother refused

Magistrate Banda: Did you pay the balance?

Sililo: No, I did not

Magistrate Banda: So you have a balance of K600?

Sililo: Yes

Magistrate Banda: do you have children?

Sililo: Yes we have one child

“I brought her here because when we divorced in 2015 and in 2017 my wife came saying she wants me back so I did not refuse, we went to her parents and i paid K700,

 “I was suspecting my wife of having multiple lovers when I came to Lusaka for work she called me and said I had given her an STI  and they wanted both of us at the clinic,

“I traveled back and we got tested but she was the only one found positive and she was put on medication, she did not even explain to me how she got it. i want a refund because of my wife’s behavior. I even found messages of her planning to sleep with a man,” said Sililo.

He said the girl told him that there was no marriage and he could not stop her from being with other men.

Ngwira: Didn’t I ask you to come with your parents?

Sililo: No you did not

Magistrate Banda: why did you get the K 700?

‘The second marriage is not there because it is not written anywhere and the previous balance has to be paid, the claim has been dismissed,” ruled the court.

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