A WOMAN of Kasama has divorced her husband of 18years in the Chelstone Local Court for excessively taking to the bottle and threatening to kill her.

Beauty Chibesa,35, told local court senior magistrate Charity Milambo  she got married to Morgan Shimumbi,41, of Mtendere Township in 2002  and the two have four children.

Chibesa said the major problem was that her husband lied to her that he did not drink beer when he was a big drunkard who sometimes threatens to kill her when he took beers.

“He lied to me before marriage that he doesn’t drink beer. My husband told me he stopped drinking after confronting him. But he has now become worse. He left me in Kasama and came to settle in Lusaka in2011,

“He called me to Lusaka and said he has changed, just after staying with him for nine months he started misbehaving and started coming late home,” Chibesa said.

She further narrated that her husband threatened to stab her with a screw driver each time they quarreled.

“He usually threatens me with a knife saying he wants me dead together with my family. He says he wants people to watch me on TV as a dead body like his friend’s wife who was recently stubbed by her husband,” she said.

In defence, Shimumbi denied the allegations, saying he did not beat her or threatened to kill her.

“My wife sleeps in a  pair of trousers and this has caused problems in our home,” he said.

In submission, Chibesa insisted that she did not love her husband anymore because she feared one day he might kill her.

Court granted them divorce and ordered Shimumbi to compensate his former wife with K3, 000. First installment of K1, 000 to be paid this month end, followed by monthly payments K300 thereafter.

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