A WOMAN of Katuba testified that her Pastor husband cannot bring another woman on the matrimonial bed when they have not divorced.

Jennifer Mwanga, 34 was testifying in a case in which her husband Francis Kacha, 37, of 15 miles sued her for divorce.

Kacha married Mwanga in 2004 and they have five children but he did not pay dowry.

He told Matero Local Court Senior Magistrate Pauline Newa that problems started in 2017 after Mwanga started business because she was coming home late subjecting him to cook for children and wash clothes.

He said when he complains Mwanga could sleep in the kitchen and came back to bedroom after sometime.

He said Mwanga came to Lusaka without telling him and that she came back home at 19.00 hours adding that in April she left matrimonial home.

“Mwanga was not seen but only came to get children after she heard that I married another woman,” Kacha said.

In defence, Mwanga said Kacha was Seventh Day Adventist Pastor and that he was coming home late adding that when she asked they would differ.

She said Kacha was saying his family did like her because she was old.

She said Kacha threw her belongings outside and chased her in August after he heard that she wanted to buy a plot when she only escorted her relative to a plot.

She was surprised to hear people saying they were going to a wedding of Kacha when he left her with a three months pregnancy without any preparation of which she reported him to church.

“Kacha cannot bring another woman on the matrimonial bed when we have not divorced. The church elders told him to remove the woman from matrimonial home but he refused. I love Kacha we did not divorce,’’ Mwanga said.

The court adjourned the matter to October 21 for judgment for Mwanga to bring a signed document to confirm Kacha paid dowry.

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