SMALL-SCALE businesses in Mkushi have bemoaned lack of business due to the current load shedding by ZESCO.

The entrepreneurs said load shedding had affected their businesses to the point that presently no profits were being realized.

They said power outages following the load shedding schedule had created negative impact on businesses.

In interview, a metal fabricator Brighton Chamwina of Itala Township said 12 hours power cut had a telling effect on small businesses.

Mr. Chamwina said power was cut at 24:00hrs and restored between 12 and 14hrs daily.

He said business was done in the morning unlike in the afternoons, so nothing tangible was done hence customers opted to go to the new market and central business district (CBD) were most times power was on.

“Load shedding has big impact on small scale business. Sometimes power goes at 05:00hrs and restored at 14 hrs. Government should look at other power alternatives,” Mr. Chamwina said.

Mr. Chamwina however said  barber shops were  in a much better situation since the used  which would not possible for welders.

He said besides, the economic outlook was not good and prices for essential commodities together with other materials had gone up. aggravating the situation.

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