A 27-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka’s Mtendere Township has been ordered by the Boma Local Court in Lusaka to compensate another woman of the same area with K800 for insulting her.

This is in a case in which Ngosa Lungu, 42, sued Memory Mwiinga to court for compensation for insulting her

Lungu told Senior Local Court Magistrate Mukuka Ng’andu that Mwiinga insulted her after they had some differences at their trading place in the market.

“We both sell charcoal. Last month, a customer came to buy charcoal and I rushed for her. This girl came and sold charcoal to my customer and I confronted her for that,

“When the customer left, Mwiinga started saying ‘muni setting’a, munadyakila nzelu, munaika nzelu pamatako’ (you are making fun of me, you’ve stepped on your intelligence, you put your intelligence in your buttocks).

She called me illiterate and dull,” she said.

She said another day when a customer came to her stand, Mwiinga started shouting again and disrespecting her, adding that she wanted to beat Mwiinga but her husband calmed her down.

“The next day the chairlady told me that Mwiinga went to tell her that she wanted to apologize to me. When the chairlady sat us down, she told her to pay me K1, 500 as an apology for disrespecting and insulting me but she refused and said I should just summon her if I  so wished,” Lungu said.

In defence Mwiinga admitted throwing some bad words at Lungu.

She however said Lungu provoked her and she was only responding to her behaviour. She said when she received a customer, Lungu got upset and asked her if she wanted to be the only one selling charcoal.

“She even said ‘uganiza tizambo kudya iwe?’ (You think well be eating you?). I told her what she was saying was not okay and then she told me not to be putting my intelligence in my chitenge,

“I responded saying ‘ngati nzelu zanga zili mu chitenge, naimwe ndiye mwezilili, ngati nzelu zanga zili pama tako, naimwe ndiye pezilili (if my intelligence is in my chitenge, that’s where yours is, if my intelligence is in my buttocks, that’s where yours is as well),” she said.

On her own admission that she insulted Lungu, the court ordered Mwiinga to compensate her with K800.

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