A RECONCILIATION case that came up in the Matero Local Court was thrown out because the couple has been on separation for three years and the man has a lover.

Maggie Lulembo,39 of Zingalume sued her husband Justin Kotati,47 of the same compound for reconciliation.

The two appeared before Magistrate Pauline Newa.

Magistrate Newa: Do you accept to reconcile?

Kotati: No, I do not

Magistrate Newa :When did you get married?

Lulembo: In 2004

Magistrate Newa: Did he pay dowry?

Lulembo: Yes, he did but he did not finish

Magistrate Newa; When will you pay the balance?

Kotati: I will pay by month end

Magistrate Newa: Do you have children?

Lulembo: Yes, we have 3

Magistrate Newa: How long have you been on separation?

Lulembo: For three years

“When he married me we lived well until 2009 when he used to beat me and in 2010 I even ended up having an operation,. So in 2017 I decided to leave him,

“After five months we sat down with both families and I even apologized to him. He told me that he would get back to me after a month. I then asked if I could go to the village while I waited for his response,” she said Lulembo said after three weeks she received a call from a friend telling her that Kotati had brought a lover in the matrimonial home.

“I thought she was lying but after some days I received a message from him saying he has married and wanted to have two wives. When I returned I found the woman in our house and to date he has not given me a response,” said Lulembo

Kotati: When did you get the children?

Lulembo: When I came back from the village you have only stayed with them for six months and they did not live well in my absence.

Magistrate Newa: Do you want him?

Lulembo: I still want him

Kotati told the court that Lulembo left on her own because he did not chase her.

“I never saw any problems between us and concerning the children I was with them until last year October when she got them. I got upset because she was disturbing their school.

Lulembo: Did I get household goods?

Kotati: Yes, you did

Lulembo: What did I get?

Kotati: The pots and everything else that you bought

Lulembo: When did I get them?

Kotati: I was at work when you did so

Magistrate New: Marriage cannot be forced and there is nothing we can do, reconciliation has failed

COMMENT from Bana Ichimbusa

In this case, I agree with the court there is no marriage because love cannot be forced on any anyone.  They are too many questions to answer. The wife said she went to her parents and is staying with her parents while her husband is saying he did not chase her. I do not see who is telling the truth.

 You cannot force marriage on people. There is no marriage there and you cannot force them to stay together.  There is no communication. We do not know what they are talking about just like what the court has decided there is no marriage there.

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