RESIDENTS of Lusaka have continued taking the law in their own hands by pouncing on anyone they suspect to be one of the people behind the spraying of unknown chemicals in their homes.
Three people were yesterday killed by instant justice mobs in separate incidents on suspicion of being behind the spraying of households.
Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said yesterday an unidentified man of Kanyama Compound was yesterday morning attacked and killed by a mob and the irate residents blocked some roads in area.
Ms Katongo said when police responded to the report and picked up the body, the residents charged at the officers and started throwing stones at them.
She said in another incident residents in Kanyama West damaged Mumbwa road police post and killed one person.
She said the residents also damaged various public and private properties.
In another development some irate John Howard Compound residents descended on and killed an unidentified man and later burnt his body. The residents later attacked police officers at the police station who were on duty.
Ms Katongo said quick action by police saved the situation from deteriorating after residents of Chaisa Compound also went amok.
She said police were still on the ground monitoring the situation. Ms Katongo said as a result of the confrontations in Chawama and Kanyama, some casualties had been recorded from both the police and community members.
Meanwhile, Ms Katongo has warned members of the public against taking the law in their own hands.
She said the hostility towards the police the killing of suspects were defeating the whole purpose of investigating the incidents of administering chemicals in homes as the police were shifting their attention to the quelling of the riots.

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