A MAN in Lusaka has denied roasting another man’s legs and hands whom he suspected to have stolen a laptop.

This is in a case before Magistrate Martha Miti in which Jimmy Katongo, while acting with others, is accused of assaulting Webster Mayaba on July 12 resulting in occasional actual bodily harm.

The court heard that Mayaba went to visit Katongo on July 4 and that the following day, a friend of Katongo accused him of stealing a laptop. Katongo’s friend is reported to have set fire on a brazier and started roasting Mayaba’s legs and hands with a view to get him to confess to the theft.

The accused is alleged to have later heated an iron bar which he used to burn Mayaba all over his body.

Katongo who initially admitted the charge, later changed his mind and told the court he was not part of the people that assaulted Mayaba.

He said that he was not present when his friends were burning Mayaba.

Magistrate Miti: What charge did you admit?

Katongo: I pushed him but I did not burn his hands and legs.

Magistrate Miti: Isn’t pushing someone without their consent assault? You are not admitting to anything.

The matter comes up on November 25 for commencement of trial.

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