THE Kabushi Local Court has ordered a 45-year-old man of Ndola to pay K400 for calling a woman barren because she refused to switch the television to a channel of his preference.

In this case, Betty Lwando aged 47, a bar owner sued Norman Chivuli of Kabushi township for defamation of character.

Ms Lwando told the court that on October 11, last year Chivuli went to her shop and ordered a beer which she gave him.

Later, Chivuli demanded that the television channel in the bar be changed to a channel of  his preference, but she refused.

She said because of that, he started insulting her and told her that she was a barren woman who had failed to give her husband a child.

Ms Lwando said when her husband found him insulting her, he slapped Chivuli who in turn threatened to kill the couple.

“This was not the first time this man was insulting me, he has being doing that for some time now,” she said.

In his testimony, Chivuli told the court that he went to Ms Lwando’s shop for a beer and asked if he could watch a movie.

He told the court that she responded that he was a troubled man and that prompted him to label her a fool. She also called him a mug in response.

He said when her husband came he accused him of insulting his wife and later slapped him.

Chivuli said he went back to ask  for forgiveness adding that there was never a time he threatened them.

“How can I call woman who has three children from her previous marriage barren,” he asked.

Presiding Magistrate Evelyn Nalwizya sitting with Mildred Namwizye ordered Chivuli to pay K400 and counselled him to respect his friend’s wife because that was the third time insulting her.

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