A CHONGWE man has pleaded not guilty in the Magistrates Court to assaulting and robbing his ex-wife.

Adam Mtonga, 39 of Mwantalashya Village in Chongwe denied before Magistrate Masiyaleti Sinvula that he assaulted and robbed his former wife Patricia Hacholwe of K1,750 on August 23 around 04:00 hours.

Ms Hacholwe, 27 of Kakubo Village told the court that her former husband of three years broke into her house on the material day.

She said apparently Mtonga wanted to check if there was a man in her house. 

She alleged that, after his suspicions were not met he beat her with an axe handle in the head and dragged her to his home in a neighbouring village.

Mtonga then locked her in his house and went back to Hacholwe’s house where he allegedly stole the money.

That was after Hacholwe asked to be released so that she could secure the money in her house. Mtonga offered to go and collect the money for her.

Mtonga however came back and told her that he only found K200.00, which refused to hand over to her. He left her locked in his house and disappeared.

She further told the court that she managed to escape through the unfinished roof and went back to her house.

She discovered that she was robbed of K1, 750.00 and not K200.00 as claimed by Mtonga.

Hacholwe told the court that she later reported the matter to police and a medical report was prepared at Chongwe District Hospital.

She said Mtonga disappeared from that night and only showed up a few days later with  a promise to pay back the money. That was when she decided to hand him over to police.

The matter comes up on October 21 for continued trial and Mtonga was remanded in custody.

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