A BUILDER of Lusaka’s Airport area has been sued in the Chelstone Local Court for turning his wife into a punching bag amid threats to kill her for no apparent reasons.

The couple married in 1998 and have seven children together and dowry was paid inform of cattle in the village where the couple got married.

Dickson Zulu, 47, was sued by Elizabeth Mwale, 38 a businesswoman of the same area for divorce on allegations that he beats her and insults her.

Mwale told the court her husband did not support the family and also threatened to kill her whenever they had a misunderstanding.

“My husband always threatens to kill me with a panga as a result I ran away and I am now at my brother’s place as I speak. I want divorce so I can be free from this abusive marriage,” she said

In defence Zulu said he did not want the marriage to end claiming that he was only under a lot of pressure hence he was once jailed.

“My wife does not give me respect as a man, and because of pressure I found myself in prison and was sentenced 120 days. I am now a changed person because jail humbled me. I just want us to sit down and talk,’’ he said.

On hearing that the marriage was conducted in the village and both families were in the village, the matter was then transferred to the village local court for determination.

Magistrate Milambo: Divorce not granted. Parties advised to sue from the village where families are.

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