A LUSAKA husband has been ordered by the Boma Local Court to pay K7, 000 for impregnating a grade nine pupil.

John Phiri of John Laing sued George Tambuzo, a businessman of Chibolya for impregnating his niece.

The two were appearing before magistrate Mpundu Fwambo.

Phiri told the court that Tambuzo was called on three discussions to discuss the issue but he has never showed up.

“Five months ago we found out that our niece was pregnant and we called Tambuzo but he never showed up, he has not sent anyone but at night he manages to come and see her. We sat down as a family because we saw that he looked down on us,

“All the time he says that his mother is busy and she is unable to come, and now my niece is five months pregnant and that is why we sat down as a family and decided to come to court ,”said Phiri”.

Tambuzo told the court that the pregnancy was his but he was not going to marry the girl.

“I started going out with his niece in April 2019 but when I met her she told me that she was not in school. I believed because I have never seen her in a uniform, she was aware that I am a married man,

“I only thought about my actions after everything was done and I have been waiting for my mother that is why I have not shown up and I cannot marry his niece because I already have a wife and she is aware of the pregnancy and she said mistakes do happen,” said Tambuzo”.

Magistrate Fwambo said:“ If you are not ready for marriage don’t get married, you have spoilt his niece and you are already married you will start bringing diseases, whether you are working or not you need to compensate him K 7, 000 effective this month end and you will buy clothes for the baby as well.”

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