RESIDENTS of Lusaka’s Matero Township have hailed ZESCO for reduced load shedding hours in their area.

Those spoken to expressed happiness that the reduced load shedding hours had improve their businesses whose performances had gone down. Ms Sharon Manda, a salon owner said she had been able to make a profit in the past two weeks after load shedding hours were reduced to about four hours. Ms Manda said she was currently able to attend to more than 15 customers a day and that she used to work up to around 20 hours.

“We thank ZESCO for reduced load shedding hours and we hope this will continue. ZESCO is a very important ingredient to our business and we need it like we need water,” she said. And a welder, Mathews Ngulube, said he was happy with the current schedule for load shedding. Mr Ngulube complained that his business had down the past months as he was unable to weld.

“I am okay with the current load shedding and I pray that ZESCO continues with this spirit. I had even lost hope in my business but now I can see signs that it will soon improve,

“In the past, I was not able to get any customers or make anything for sale. This had depressed me,” he said.

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