POLICE ought to take the complaint by Ward 30 area councilor, Watson Mtonga, that the crime levels in Lusaka’s Mtendere Township, had reached an alarming level, seriously.

The fact that these boy gangs, referring to themselves as Fluffies, have now even resorted to killing people,  should be cause for the law enforcement agency to instantly act to protect the people. It’s regrettable that the news about the boy gangs terrorizing Mtendere residents started as far as early last year but nothing appear to have been done by the police to control the situation.

These boy gangs still continue to operate in full force now seem to have even gained more ground and authority over the Township as they obviously feel they are untouchable.

We say so because the reports made to the police in the area about the gangs’ violent and illegal activities are numerous but seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The fluffies still continue to operate freely and terrorise residents with an even more brutal tendency and yet the police still remain quiet.

The boy gangs, particularly in Mtendere, appear to have now become a law on their own and the residents now seem to be living at their mercy. Yet we have police presence there.

Police need to wake up and seriously act to control the situation. It’s their duty to stop crime and ensure that the people and their property are secure.

Police need not wait until a life is first lost in order to act as was in the recent case in Mtendere in which a 29-year-old man, identified as Emmanuel Chewe Chunga, was found brutally murdered by suspected Flaffies near the Mother Theresa Hospice.

According to the area councilor, the blood shed occurred after two rivalry youth gangs engaged in a fierce fight on Sunday November 24th.

Mr Mtonga said the young boys calling themselves Fluffies have been terrorizing residents of Mtendere for some time now and yet nothing appear to be done by the police to stop them.

In serious matters like this, where the lives of people are at stake, police need to be proactive rather than reactive in dealing with situations. Police need not wait to deal with the crime only after a life or lives are lost but should instead immediately take measures to deal with the situation because they definitely have intelligence information on the possible perpetrators of the criminal activities.

In Mtendere murder incident, like in the other cases where death has resulted as a result of police failing to take instant measures to control the situation, police inertia is partly to blame.

The law enforcement agency should start to deal with criminal matters with the seriousness and urgency that it deserves if people’s live s and property have to be protected.

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