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“Not every child is good in class but we try our very best to create a good environment for the children to participate in different activities that can help bring out their talents,” says Munnlo Trust School director, Elizabeth Kwendeni. 

Ms Kwendeni says that as a school they hold an annual concert that gives an opportunity to all the pupils in the school to participate and showcase their talents.

In an interview with the Sun, Ms Kwendeni said during the preparations of the concert, the school ensured that all the children participated in the concert.

Ms Kwendeni said this year’s concert was a nativity play entitled ‘No Ordinary Time’ and the children learnt quiet a lot and during which they sang Christmas carols and acted how Jesus Christ was born.

 “The pre-class and middle class pupils explained the meaning of Christmas which was well articulated,” she said.

Ms Kwendeni said that after the concert, the school also held a graduation ceremony which saw 53 pupils graduate from the reception into grade one their journey to primary education.

She further said another graduation ceremony for the grade seven school leavers going into secondary education was held by the school.

Ms Kwendeni explained that as a school they also awarded the best and the most improved pupils in their academics. 

“We also had the ‘merit award’ which is an annual event where we give awards to pupils from each class who have improved academically,

“The awards were in events such as reading or mental maths and academic excellence. We give presents to the deserving pupils so that they can be encouraged and do more every year,” she said

Ms Kwendeni encouraged parents to bring their children to Munnlo Trust School because its emphasis was on reading and greatly assisted many pupils who had problems in reading.

She said pupils were assigned teachers specifically for reading so that children who had challenges could improve and do better and fall in the ambit of the school’s motto ‘Setting Standards for Excellence’.

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