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A LUSAKA man has sued his wife for divorce at the Matero Local Court because he is failing to perform conjugal rights with her.

Steven Habwino, 43, of Makeni, sued Esneya Banda, 37, of Chipata Compound for divorce because he fails to have sex with unless with other women.

The two were appearing before Magistrate Miyanda Banda.

“I just want our marriage to end because she does not like to talk about issues instead she listens to the friends, my problem started in 2008 whenever it comes to sex issues,

“I found a problem because I am not free with her that is the reason I left her. We only have children by God’s strength, as a man my engine never used to work but when I go elsewhere I would manage to perform,” he said.

Habwino said he moved to Makeni where he married another woman and performed extremely well in bed.

“I do not know whether it is coming from her. I would rather leave her because if I don’t I will be going to other women I even told her that I blame her because we lived the two of us. I just want a divorce,” said Habwino”.

In defence, Banda told the court that her husband constantly had lovers and he left her alone to care for the children.

“We got married in the village and then we moved to Lusaka, He was not working, I was the one selling avocados to sustain us but when he started work he started misbehaving,” she said.

Banda, “I went for my mother’s funeral and when I came back he said another woman was coming to join us I refused but his mother came to beg me to live with her until she gives birth.”

The court said there was no love in their marriage and granted them divorce.

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