A LUSAKA businessman who has sued his wife for divorce for allegedly committing adultery with former Central Province permanent secretary Patrick Mwanawasa has told the Lusaka High Court that his reasons to
separate from his wife are not fabricated.
Lombe Okpara sued his wife of eight years Musamba Mulenga for divorce accusing her of committing adultery with Mr Mwanawasa and Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Ronald Simwiinga and for behaving in a manner that he cannot reasonably be expected to live with her.
Mulenga, however, in her answer to the petition indicates that their marriage has broken down irretrievably but the reasons were not among those indicated in the petition for dissolution of marriage.
She unequivocally denied committing adultery with Mr Mwanawasa and Mr Simwiinga to warrant her husband to find it intolerable to live with her as alleged in his petition.
But in his reply to Mulenga’s answer to his petition for divorce Mr Okpara says he demanded that his wife leave their matrimonial home on the evening of November 22, 2018 after he discovered that she was having extra-marital affairs and he told her why he was chasing her on the same day.
He insists that during a private meeting called by his wife on November 27, 2018 Mulenga confessed to have committed adultery with Mr Mwanawasa and Mr Simwinga, and she indicated that for Mwanawasa it was just that she wished it would never have happened while for Simwinga Mulenga had confessed having sex with him once in 2016.
Mr Okpara says during the meeting he discovered that his wife had maintained an intimate relationship with Mr Simwinga since 2016 and that she confessed to him that she had not slept with Simwinga in 2018 because he was too busy with work and was always travelling since he was transferred from Ministry of Finance to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017.
The businessman says Mr Mwanawasa did not only rent the apartment for their intimate meetings but his wife went to visit him specifically to engage in pre-meditated intimate relations and to have sex with him.
Mr Okpara said Mulenga’s explanation that a number of reasons that could explain pain in someone’s manhood did not hold water because it was a failed attempt to cover up the fact that they engaged in sexual intercourse.

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