Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga

A PLOT in which more than 30 teenagers of Ndola’s Pamodzi Township wanted to form a terror gang for criminal activities has been exposed by local Ebenezer Pentecostal Church (EPC).

A EPC Pastor only identified as Abigail revealed that more than 30 teenagers of the township were in a process of forming a gang to terrorize locals at night when they were stopped through prayers.

Pastor Abigail told ZANIS that after a two-day prayer session, the teenagers admitted in separate interviews that they had wanted to form a first ever most powerful gang in Zambia to reign terror.

The woman of God reportedly witnessed one of her children aged 11, inscribing tattoos and applying a greenish and black powder on his arms and chest.

After inquiring and threatening to take him to police, he admitted to his mother (pastor) that he was administering charms he bought from a colleague at school so that he could become powerful.

One of the teenagers, believed to be the source of the charms they were using also told ZANIS that he bought them from two foreign men who were selling sandals in the area.

He said besides marketing sandals, the two foreigners were also in the business of selling charms to the boy whom they promised would gain fame and become powerful and most feared person in the community after administering them

The 17-year old boy said after paying K100 to the two hawkers, he was given a greenish and black powdered charm which was administered on him through tattoos in a nearby bush.

He said he has been distributing the charms and recruiting more members at a cost of between K25 and K50 since then.

The other teenager, 16, said he got the charms from his colleagues from Kitwe who purchased them from and two foreign nationals who told him he was going to be the most powerful man in Zambia if not the entire Africa.

He said if the gang had been borne, it had plans to overpower other gangs in Zambia, besides grabbing people’s belongings and harming them.

And Pastor Abigail said the church should rise to the occasion and ensure the future of young people who had resorted to forming criminal gangs was protected.

She said the number of gang members mostly teenagers were worrisome and that the clergy should help law enforcement officers in curbing the gangs from growing further.

She said the department of immigration should also scrutinize the foreigners who had no penetrated every community and ensure they had proper documentation with a good cause for being in Zambia.

And a parent of one of the teenagers only been identified as Mathews, strongly appealed to the ministry of home affairs to monitor the movement of foreign nationals and ensure they caused no harm on society.

He feared that if not carefully monitored and scrutinized, the foreign nationals would become a danger to the Zambian society as evidenced from the 30 teenagers whom they allegedly gave charms.

Recently, the Copperbelt Province witnessed the rise of three notable gangs in the names of Tokota Boys, 90 Niggas and Sons of the Devil who were as young as 15 years.

But when contacted for a comment, Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga expressed ignorance about the matter.

Ms Katanga told the Sun in an interview that her office had not yet received the report of teenagers confessing to having intentions to form an all-powerful criminal gang.

“I am not aware of that. My office has not yet received the report on that,” Ms Katanga said.-SUN REPORTER/ZANIS

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