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A 43-YEAR-OLD woman of Lubuto Township has been ordered to pay K1000 for insulting a business woman from whom she got rice worth K100 and failed to pay.

Kabushi local court ordered Anne Mwiinga to compensate Victoria Muwaya, 50, a resident of the same area.

Mwiinga had insulted Muwaya, who was asking for her money for the rice she had sold in May, 2019.

In this matter, Ms Muwaya sued for compensation of defamation of character and insults.

Muwaya told the court that on May 20, this year Mwiinga got K100 worth of rice from her on credit and agreed to pay at the month end.

She said a month passed without any word from Mwiinga and so she decided to visit her place to find out why she had delayed to pay for the rice.

“At first, she told me politely that she had problems and that was the reason why she failed to give me the money and I understood. She promised me that she would settle me soon,” Muwaya said.

She said on September 30, this year she went for a second time but Mwiinga became rude and started insulting her and later chased her from the house.

“When I went to the police to report the case, they gave me a call out to give to Mwinga. When she received the note, she followed me all the way to my house and stood at the gate and started insulting me in front of my neighbours, “she said.

But Mwiinga denied the allegations and told the court that Muwaya was the one who insulted her for not paying for the rice.

“I told her that I was facing challenges paying the money but she continued coming to my house.  One day she called me a crook and insulted me in front of my husband,” Mwiinga said.

She explained that she had not refused giving her the money but would do so at a later stage.

However, presiding Magistrate Mildred Namwizye sitting with Evelyn Nalwizya found Mwiinga with a case to answer.

“The court has found you with a case to answer, you alone started insulting Muwaya and you have failed to prove that she is just accusing you.

 Since you said your husband was one time there when Muwaya insulted you, why haven’t you brought him to court as your witness?”

“The court has hereby ordered you to give her K1000 as compensation for insulting her. K250 has to be paid as the first instalment and you will continue giving her every month until you finish.

The K100 for he rice is another issue, pay her back that money,” Namwizye ordered.

They further told the duo to observe three years of total peace and not engage in any arguments.

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