A Lusaka man has told the magistrates court a man got goods from him worth K21, 710 on credit and has failed to pay.

Particulars of the offense before magistrate Kate Sakwanda where that Kennedy Chimfwembe got timber and others items worth K21,710 on December 18 property of Alick Ngoma.

Chimfwembe promised to pay   Ngoma on December 30, 2017 but failed.

Mr. Ngoma said on the material day, Chimfwembe went to his stand at Buseko and requested to get timber on credit.

“We signed an agreement with a witness present. I gave him timber and other materials worth K21, 710. He promised to pay on December 30, 2017,” he said.

Mr. Ngoma said Chimfwembe has not paid  and has not shown commitment.

Magistrate Sakwanda: Did you get the items from Mr.  Ngoma?

Chimfwembe: Yes.

Magistrate Sakwanda: Why did you plead not guilty to the charge?

Chimfwembe: Because the charge read that I obtained money by false pretenses.

Magistrate Sakwanda:  What was the cost of the items?

Chimfwembe: K21, 710.

Magistrate Sakwanda: When were you supposed to pay the money?

Chimfwembe: On the December 30 2017.

Magistrate Sakwanda: Did you pay him on the December 30, 2017

Chimfwembe: No

Magistrate Sakwanda: Why haven’t you paid him?

Chimfwembe: Because I wasn’t paid where I was working.

Magistrate Sakwanda: Why didn’t you return the items?

Chimfwembe: I used the items.

The court said Mr. Ngoma trusted Chimfwembe but he broke the trust by not abiding to the agreement.

The matter comes up on December 23 for continuation of trial.

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