A 21 YEAR OLD woman of Lusaka’s Kasisi area has sued her husband of three years for marriage reconciliation on grounds that he cheats with another woman.

Hellen Lukele sued Christopher Cheela, 28 of the same area for having a girlfriend outside marriage.

Lukele told Chelstone local court presiding Magistrate Kennedy Mutale sitting with Magistrate Mary Namangala the two married in 2016 but dowry was not paid and have one child together.

” My husband is proud of his girlfriend, whenever he’s at work he takes pictures of  himself with the girlfriend and comes home to show me how they enjoyed their day,

“His mother always supports his actions saying it’s his choice let him be. He also tells me that I should go to my parent’s place and be taught respect,” she said.

Lukele said at one point he brought his girlfriend into their matrimonial bedroom and after they had sex they accused her of having stolen his girlfriend’s pants which got lost in the house.

“He started interrogating me until when his girlfriend called to report that she had found her pant,” she said.

She  said Cheela used to sleep in shorts and sometimes could not sleep on the same bed. “I still love my husband and I want to reconcile with him, hence my coming to court,” she said.

In defence Cheela told court ever since he married his wife they have never cooperated as husband and wife.

“She usually tells me she has market and can go out with other men out there.

And whenever we quarrel she usually says she will put glue on my mouth and this scares me, I don’t know what she means,

“She is just lying, I don’t have a girlfriend. I still need my wife though we are currently on separation,” he said.

Upon hearing from both statements, the court said it had no power to judge couples not legally married.

The claim was then dismissed and parties were advised to proceed to subordinate courts.

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