SILUMESI MALUMO in Siavonga writes


WE shall not worship Nyaminyami spiritual deity for the rains but we shall seek God, Chief Chipepo of the Tonga people has said.

The traditional leader said that the people of Southern Province would not resort to worship idols because it was only God who can change things in the area.

He said yesterday that Nyaminyami was not the solution to the dry spell but God would work wonders for the people of the province.

He was responding to Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama who asked the chiefs to pray before Nyaminyami, spiritual god to end the dry spell in the area.

Siavonga District Commissioner

Mr Kanyama said that the chiefs were to blame over the prolonged dry spell because they had not committed to the tradition of praying to the Nyaminyami.

He said that if the traditional leaders honoured the tradition norm the area would have received enough rainfall.

But chief Chipepo said that the tradition norm should be abolished and seek God for the challenges Zambia was facing.

“We shall not go for Nyaminyami anymore, we need God for whatever we are facing in the country,

“God is the only one who will be able anything for us and we are sure that rains will come,” chief Chipepo said.

The traditional leader said that it was prudent that everyone in the area looked to God for the challenges they were facing.

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