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A RESTAURANT operator of Nyimba in Eastern Province, John Phiri has complained that the recently increased ZESCO tariffs by 200 percent have affected profitability of his cafeteria.

Mr Phiri said before the tariffs were hiked he used to buy power for K50 which lasted for three days but now the cost has gone up to K100 for power which was used just in one day.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr Phiri said that ZESCO did not realize how the increase would affect their business as it now entailed buying power every day to maintain operations.

Mr Phiri said all they wanted was for ZESCO to explain to them how electricity tariffs had been adjusted. 

“I run a takeaway in the district and before the ZESCO tariffs were hiked we used to buy power for K50.00 and that lasted for three days.

“But this time around when we buy power for K100.00 it only lasts us for 24:00 hours.

ZESCO should explain to us why that is so,” he said.   Mr Phiri complained that he was not sure if his business would last anymore because they were spending a lot of the money on power instead of making profits.

He said that the food and drinks they sold took about a week to finish and making a profit had become extremely challenging.  

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