CLIMATE change is here to stay and as such farmers must adopt smart agriculture practices, says Omnia Fertiliser Zambia agronomist Phidelis Mubagwe.

Mr. Mubagwe said farmers needed to come up with appropriate responses to ensure that they averted its negative effects thereby maximising their yields.

He advised farmers to consider drought resistant and early maturing crop seeds.

He also urged farmers to ensure that they consulted with seed and fertiliser dealers when making purchasing decisions.

“In view of climate change, farmers must not just buy seeds and fertilisers without caution. They need to buy seeds that are drought resistant and also go for fertilisers that will not degenerate their soils,” he said.

Mr. Mubagwe made the appeal during an interview with the Sun at an interaction forum with farmers of Chongwe and Rufunsa.

The event which was held at the company’s shop in Chongwe brought together Panar Seed, Syngenta, Delkab and Seedco who had an opportunity to interact with farmers on their seeds, chemicals and fertiliser products.

The agriculture inputs companies pitched booths where information was shared with farmers.

Some farmers walked away with prizes during a post-information sharing quiz session.

 The prizes ranged from gumboots to fertilisers and seeds.

A farmer of Libuko Village in Chongwe, Mr. Derrick Nkausu described the interaction as timely.

He said t such interaction accorded the farmers chance to access agriculture information that was critical in the prevailing climatic conditions.

He said the companies were very helpful and gave information that was critical in making decisions when choosing seeds, chemicals and fertilizers to apply to assure better crop yields.

He emphasized that such interactions must be encouraged so as to provide farmers with knowledge on climate smart products on the market. 

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