IT is on a wretched footnote that i realize that our current economic atmosphere is kind of run-of-the-mill making life for most zambians hard.  As we talk our struggles range from increased electricity tariffs, fuel and the mealie meal prices that have been on a higher side for a while now to mention but a few.

I for once i have been kept busy thinking about how people in rural areas and compounds in our urban areas will keep up with the current economic situation.

Parents, guardians and youths are on the run each day in order to sustain themselves while others have ended up engaging themselves in activities and business ideas that are against the law and in the end they risk their lives.

It is said that “the most stubborn beasts to kill are beasts we create ourselves”.  So if our economy forces individuals to be turned into people who resort to live reckless lives in order to survive then we rob ourselves of future of leaders that will help build a better tomorrow.

Our future is so uncertain and we are unsure of way survival ways and sustenance as we currently stand with fingers crossed.

All we can do is hope for the conditions to change for the better in the nearest future.


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