We are at half time of the year, may be you fasted for 21 days in January but to date no response.

May be the situations mentioned below are describing your life circumstances. I just want to encourage someone that God has not given up on you he is about to show up.

In Job 5:8-9 we read that Job did not give up but he presented his case to God who does great things and Prophet Jeremiah tells us that he is the God of all flesh, that he doesn’t fail and that there is nothing too hard for him, Jeremiah 32:27.

In my sermon today I will explain the meaning of Last Minute Miracle, cite the situation for miracle, look at two examples of God showing up in hopeless state of affairs and conclude.


A miracle that happens when it is not expected at all, Cases of Closed Chapter, when time has already run out, the Eleventh Hour miracle and believing God to do the impossible.


Believing God for a miracle even though you might be; at cross road, crisis point, the Doctor given up on you, all hopes have been punctured, all effort has amounted to nothing, you have given up on prayers, all available means for solution has been used up and when men had given

up on you.

The first example, the three Hebrew boys in Babylon in Daniel 3: 16-26.

Here we see the Lord showing up to them in the furnace of fire by his presence.

The second example, when Daniel was thrown into the Den of the Lions – Daniel 6:24-26

This was another impossible situation, where the Lord showed up for him by sending then Angle to shut the mouth of the Lions.  

From the above two passages we learn that;

  1. It’s not over until God says its over – I don’t know what people have said about your life situation. Only God has a final say on you, keep on believing he will show up for you.
  2. Your serve a miracles working God – We must not give up there is nothing that is too hard with our God. He saved the three Hebrew boys from the heated furnace and Daniel from the Den of lions, he will show up for you keep on trusting.
  3. God allows impossible situations for the purpose – In both cases we see the two Kings, Nebuchadnezzar and Darius acknowledged their God, and decreed that everyone in Kingdom should worship the God of the Hebrew boys Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  God wants to be glorified so that others believe in your God.
  4. God will disgrace your opponents – We see them out of the fire intact, but instead the opponents became the victim and Daniel’s opponents’ became victims too. Similarly your enemies will be disgraced this year.
  5. Three Keys for last minute miracle – These Hebrew Children were innocent and trusted their God; they surrendered their lives to God, repented their sins and believed God for divine intervention. In order for you to receive the last minute miracle you must emulate them.


Don’t give up, not all is lost for your; life, family, business, marriage and country God is about to show up. It’s not over, God is at work, He wants to be glorified in your impossible situation and your opponents are about to be disgraced, only believe and remain in Christ. Your last minute miracle is on the way because God is in control, hold on to God.

Similarly, for our nation and the people of Zambia, God will show up as long as our leaders imitate the Hebrew boys, who feared God and lived innocent lives.

The God of Hebrew is still alive to deliver our nation from moral decay. God bless you all!


REVEREND Solomon Mbulo is Senior Minister at Shekinah Tabernacle Assembly, The ministry of Pentecostal Assemblies of God Zambia (PAOGZ), under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Robertson Nonde. He is been in ministry for 19 years, credentialed minister with PAOGZ.  

Pastor Mbulo is a seasoned and a long serving member of PAOGZ, served as Deacon at Northmead Assembly of God for 10 years, where he was Deacon in charge of different departments namely; Evangelism and Counseling, Singles and Men’s fellowship.

He got served at a tender age of 17 years on 21st September, 1981 at Chassa Boys Secondary School in Katete. On leaving school he went to Zesco Training Centre in Ndola to train in electrical field. Later he joined Zesco.  

He worked For Zesco for 18 years and served in different middle management positions before serving the Lord on full-time basis. He received two labour Awards during his tenure at Zesco

Pastor Mbulo has held various positions at national level in the PAOGZ just to name a few; national director Men’s Fellowship, National Missions Promotion Director, Church ministries Board Secretary, National Project Committee.

He is a currently a holder of Degree in Bible and Theology and pursuing Master’s degree in Leadership. Married to Grace Namafente , with two children Faith and Gideon.

He is also national and international conference speaker and has traveled widely across the nation and abroad.

He has a passion for the lost and the well-being of the poor. He finds pleasure in raising people from zero to heroes.

 He has featured on ZNBC, Muvi TV, ZNBC Radio2, ZNBC TV3, and Radio Christian Voice.

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