A LUSAKA man who told the Magistrates Court that he has forgiven the man who assaulted him and wants the case withdrawn has been advised to wait for proof of recovery report from the hospital.

 Before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda was that Jeremiah Musole who assaulted Rigan Kapembwa on November 27 causing him occasionally actual bodily harm.

When the matter came up for plea, Musole admitted assaulting Mr. Kapembwa.

Magistrate Chanda: Did you assault Kapembwa?

Musole: Yes.

Magistrate Chanda: Why did you assault him?

Musole: We had a misunderstanding.

Magistrate Chanda: Did you have any lawful justification for your actions?

Musole: No.

Kapembwa however told the court that he had forgiven Musole and wanted the matter withdrawn.

Magistrate Chanda: Why have you forgiven him?

Kapembwa: He is my friend.

Magistrate Chanda: Did he compensate you?

Kapembwa: No, he didn’t give me anything.

Magistrate Chanda: Do you want him to compensate you?

Kapembwa: No.

Magistrate Chanda said the injuries Kapembwa sustained are serious and a report from the doctor is needed to show that he has recovered.

Magistrate Chanda: How can you injure you friend like that?

Musole: I made a mistake.

“I will adjourn this case for proof of recovery from the hospital so that I know how he is feeling and whether he has recovered fully ,” she said.

The matter comes up on January 13 for proof of recovery from the hospital.

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