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A 30-YEAR-OLD housewife of Lusaka has sued her friend in the Chelstone Local Court for calling her a prostitute.

This is a case in which Pauline Zulu,30 of Waterfalls area sued  Dorica Gama,29 of Silverest for defamation of character.

Zulu told Presiding magistrate Mary Namangala in December last year around 21:30 Gama came to her house with her friend accusing her of having an affair with her husband.  “She called me a prostitute who sleeps with her husband and this has caused fights in my marriage. My area knows about it, so I want her to tell me where she found me with her husband,” she said.

She said her husband even chased her from the house because he said there was no smoke without fire.

“My husband chased me from the house. I am now at my mother’s place, hence my coming to court because I want her to tell me where she found me with her husband, “Zulu said.

Her husband Ganizani Zulu said on the material day he was coming from work and his wife told him that Gama came shouting at her and called her a prostitute who changed men like shoes.

“From that time we have been having misunderstandings. My wife is at her mother’s place as I am speaking,” he said.

In defence Gama denied the allegation saying she did not utter any defamatory words to her. “Zulu is my friend and I did not say she was a prostitute. At one point my husband came home telling me that I should tell my friend Zulu not to be asking money from him,

“I was concerned but I told him that there was no harm in helping those in need. I then went to her house that’s when she accused me of calling her a prostitute,” she said.

And Gama’s husband Luka Zimba said he did know anything about the matter, and that she knew Zulu to be his wife’s best friend because they were usually together.

“I don’t have any relations with Zulu because I am always at work,” he said.

The court found that there was no sufficient evidence to support the claim and advised the parties to live in harmony and be good examples to the society.

COMMENT from Bana Ichimbusa

What I can tell married women is that they be responsible and know that they are married women, its better if they had resolved the problem than taking each other to court.

This is not good because even husbands are now involved. Please ladies mwebana bashino shiku why can’t you be like married women? You are doing things contrary to marriage demands. Umusebanya not disgracing yourselves because you are married people and one marriage is now broken because of such things which were supposed to be talked about between just the two of you.

That marriage which is broken will not be mended because even if they come together, her husband he will always be telling her you are a prostitute which is not good in the home.

Please if you see something is wrong take the matter to the elders, they will advise you young ladies. Go back to your balangizi when you have a problem in your home not insulting each other you will be say things that you are not supposed to be saying. 

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