A BLACKSMITH of Lusaka’s Chipata Township says his brazier business is booming due to current rains which have brought about a cold weather and is forcing people to warm themselves from braziers.

The man only identified as Mr Sinyangwe said brazier sales had greatly improved and owed to the current heavy rains in the capital.

 “Business has really improved, I think this is because of the rains that have hit our country and it’s now cold so people use the braziers to warm themselves.

Also it is because of the increased electricity tariffs and more people prefer using a brazier to cook,” he said

In an interview, Mr Sinyangwe wished the rains could continue at the current rate because it meant better business for hi. 

“People mostly see the rains as a negative mater but I  have taken advantage of the rains to make more money for myself and my family. I wish it could rain the whole year so that I can profit more,” Mr Sinyangwe said 

Mr Sinyangwe said he sold his braziers after walking all the way from Chipata Township to town where business was booming.

He is a father of four and his oldest child has managed to progress to grade 10 and his main aim right now was to ensure that he met all his son’s  school requirements including fees.

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