KABWE Warriors Football Club has called on the Football Association of Zambia to investigate referee Audrick Nkole for alleged poor officiating during the 3-2 loss to Zanaco FC last Sunday.
Nkole awarded Zanaco a penalty which striker Rodger Kola stepped up and scored in the 91st minute of the game to hand Warriors their second consecutive defeat.
The last minute penalty awarded to Zanaco angered Kabwe Warriors fans who vented their rage on the fence at Sunset Stadium which they brought down while insulting the referee.
The alleged poor officiating has forced Kabwe Warriors to officially complain to FAZ as why the association has continued to allow ‘poor quality referees’ to handle Super Division games.
In a letter addressed to the MTN/FAZ Super Division interim Chief Executive officer Brian Mulenga, Kabwe Warriors General Manager Justin Palmer said the Zambian game has been compromised because of poor officiating.
“It is my assertion that the game has again been compromised by the occurrence. It is our understanding that this is the same referee that officiated our aforementioned Nkwazi game.
“Kabwe Warriors have no evidence to make an allegation of corrupt behavior or endeavors from this referee, however we must question why such a poor quality referee is allowed to continue in the super league and be assigned to Kabwe Warriors matches,” Palmer said.
Meanwhile Mulenga said he would not comment on the matter because it is being handled by the referees committee.
Mulenga said the committee is competent because it consists of experienced former FIFA referees and some FAZ executive committee members.
“I’m not in a position to comment on the alleged misdemeanors of referees there are competent bodies such as the referees committee composed of ex FIFA referees and some of the FAZ executive committee members and other judicial bodies
“But refereeing is very technical and there are certain things which require the application of the law and people like us the layman’s may understand differently,” Mulenga said.
He urged football followers in Zambia to access the 2019/2020 International Football Association Board (IFAB) laws of the game to understand how refs arrive at certain decisions.

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