A STUDENT expelled from the University of Zambia has committed student after attempts to get attention from family members drew a blank.

Wezi Nyirenda

The WHACKY discovery of a dead student has sent shivers in the student populace at Evelyn Hone College. The student had apparently committed suicide after being expelled from the University of Zambia and being admitted to the lower tertiary institution.

Students at Lusaka’s Evelyn Hone College woke up to a rude shock on Tuesday morning after discovering the body of a 24-year-old student believed to have committed suicide in unclear circumstance.

Police deputy spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, confirmed the death of Wezi Nyirenda to the Sun.

Hamoonga said Nyirenda’s body was discovered behind a students’ hostels,Tanzania Hostel yesterday around 05.00 hours, and that it has since been deposited at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) mortuary.

Wezi’s last FB Post

Nyirenda, of Kafue, was found dead with blood stains, behind the Hostel with a test tube and a bottle containing suspected orange juice.

And Evelyn Hone College Students Union president, Bruno Sitanzye, also confirmed the death of Nyirenda who was a first year Environmental Health student.

Sitanzye said Nyirenda was expelled from UNZA but later enrolled at Evelyn Hone College.

He explained that it was believed Nyirenda had pressure from this family after being expelled from UNZA.

 Sitanzye said that on Saturday, the college union decided to call Nyirenda’s sister to inform her about the suspected suicide intentions of her brother, but she gave a negative feedback.

“It’s like Nyirenda had pressure from his family when he was at UNZA where he was expelled and later enrolled at Evelyn Hone College but unfortunately he failed one course. That’s when he started having wrangles with the family. From the time he failed, he has been saying that he will kill himself.

The spot where Wezi was found.

“On Saturday we called the sister to tell her what Nyirenda has been saying but her answer was very negative, she told us that let him go ahead and kill himself,” he said

Sitanzye criticized the manner Nyirenda’s sister came out saying she was supposed to help him by finding out why he wanted to kill himself.

And roommate, Greenford Berta, said Nyirenda was a very open person hence no one took what he said about committing suicide seriously.

He said for the past one week, Nyirenda has been saying he would kill himself one day but they did not take him seriously because he liked joking.

Everlyn Hone college union president general Bruno Sitanzye standing where Wezi was found dead.

Mr. Berta said Nyirenda,  a strong Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general for the Evelyn Hone College branch, had for the last few days been saying he would commit suicide but that his friends never used to take him seriously because they thought he was joking.

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