PUPILS at Nkeyema’s Kankwanda school will now have hands on experience of a computer following a donation by the Rotary Club of Lusaka,that handed over 10 desktop computers to Kankwanda School in Nkeyema District, in Western Province.
According to Nkeyema Member of Parliament (MP) Kapelwa Mbangweta, the donation was made last weekend by the Club’s president Tambala Muyawala.
“On Saturday, 8th February, 2020 the Rotary Club of Lusaka led by the Club President Tambala Muyawala were at Kankwanda School in Namilangi Ward to donate ten desktop computers to the school,” Mr Mbangweta posted on his official facebook page.
The area MP appreciated the donation saying it would go a long way in ensuring that children of Nkeyema were able to have a ‘hands on’ experience to participate effectively in Information Technology (IT) subjects which the government has for some time now introduced in all schools.
Mr Mbangweta said it was significant to note that despite introducing the IT subjects it has not been possible for the government to support the policy pronouncement with resources such as laptops, desktops and suitable infrastructure like labs due to the constrained resource envelope.
As a result and broadly speaking, he said, only schools in towns and along the line of rail have had access to computers because the players who can assist in these places are many.
He said the rural child were learning IT subjects theoretically which was not the ideal situation.
The Nkeyema lawmaker said the donation from the Rotary Club of Lusaka could not, therefore, have come at the better time than now.
He said using various partners and funding methods, Kankwanda School had joined a number of schools in the area that had been able to access ICT equipment.
Mr Mbangweta said some of the schools that were beneficiaries of computer donations included; Mangongi, Nakuyuwa, Namilangi, Kakanda, Nkeyema Secondary and Primary Schools, Kabyululwe, Munkuye and Mawilo Secondary School.
Meanwhile, the club’s president Tambala Muyawala said education was one of the areas the Rotary looked at to help the community.

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