Butcher making fresh spicy salami sausage

LEGANA Investment Limited director Edith Nawakwi has reiterated that their sausages are packed in food grade casing as opposed to allegations that it is wrapped in a condom.
This was after defence lawyer Keith Mweemba unwrapped a condom in
court to demonstrate the similarity to a sausage casing.
In this matter 19-year-old Luyando Kopakopa and her police reserve lover Eric Ngandu are charged with one count of libel.
It is alleged that Kopakopa and Nkandu of Longridge Chilanga and Libala South respectively between August 3, 2019 and August 20, 2019 at Lusaka jointly and whilst acting together with intent to defame Legana Investment Limited unlawfully published defamatory matter concerning Legana Investment Limited to which they said they are using human flesh in making sausages and that the said product is packed in condoms.
When the matter came up for cross examination, Ms Nawakwi said on face value of the video purportedly published by Kopakopa, said the sausage was in the standard food casing.
She said after being cleared by the council, Kopakopa went on to publish another video claiming Legana was feeding people dirt because employees packed products with bare hands.
When asked if her employees packed sausage with bare hands, Ms Nawakwi answered in the affirmative.
She said it was not wrong for employees to pack sausage with bare hands as it is procedure in making sausage.
However, Ms Nawakwi could not rule out the possibility of contaminating the food with blood when an employee cuts himself.
She explained that safety measures had been put in place for such incidences.
In her testimony Ms Nawakwi said the video was meant to gravely injure the reputation of the company.
She said the company lost a lot of business as a result of the complaint and that the company was instructed to collect all its products from the shelves of all pick ‘n Pay stores.

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